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The Urban girls guide to etiquette is FINALLY here!

Sometimes, when projects are laid on your heart to do, you just need to let God do his thing through you. I believe we are all called to a higher purpose, and this is at least a part of mine. I knew I was supposed to write this book for an extended period of time. I pushed it to the side, because I suddenly realized “I had no training in social etiquette, who would listen to me?” But then, my experience dealing with young women and girls, the student organizations I was involved in while living on a college campus, my college education, and my present Higher Ed. Position made me rethink my position on it. Throughout history, and especially in the bible, there have been people who weren’t necessarily the best at what they did, but they believed in themselves, and they believed God would give them the strength and grace to do it. Honestly, that is the space I am in currently, and it feels pretty good.

This book will tackle useful information that will impact your life forever. Knowing a little etiquette doesn’t make you stuck up, etiquette shows you ways to enforce the golden rule in different areas of your life. We always want to treat others with respect, and love, and thats what etiquette does.

I wanted to give you a glimpse of the book cover, and let you know that pre orders will be going on sale on February 28th!!! I will keep you posted. Enjoy your day, and be confident!