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The African American woman and her “Role models”

So, yeah, let’s talk about it….  

So I usually never write articles based on Social Media, gossip, or celebrity “Things” But coincidentally I was going to talk about role models and this cover happened to come up. Yeah, it’s a lot going on here. Most women are looking to be successful, beautiful, and definitely admired by others, but do these things line up with the Word of God and who The Lord really wants us to be?

I’m asking because, some young teenager is going to pick this magazine up, and say “Yeah, these are my role models” and honestly us as women have to start to give as much as we can back to the younger generation to show them differently. Especially if we are Women of God.

We spend countless hours watching these women, and honestly I can’t lie and say that I don’t have an opinion about the four of them based on their “Reality Celebrity persona”, but what are we as women in society doing or showing our younger generation of women that throwing plates at someone when your angry, or saying whatever you want to say anytime you want to say it, is wrong?

The point of this article is definitely not to “Bash” these women, because after all, they are God’s children, and everyone has the opportunity to turn from their ways and become better people, but my call is really to us as women of virtue, to increase our place in the life of at least one teenager who could be negatively affected by reality television, radio, music, or internet programs that degrade or disrespect women.

What alternative are we giving our girl teens? What are we doing to make a difference? Complaining about negativity never got us anywhere, but actually doing something about it, can change the world.

Our young girls should be focusing on their Virtue:

Virtue: is moral excellence. A virtue is a positive trait or quality deemed to be morally good and thus is valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being. Personal virtues are characteristicsvalued as promoting collective and individual greatness.

avirtuous bwoman is a crown to her chusband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones. (Proverbs 12:4)


Modesty: Behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; ( 1 Timothy 2:9).


Love:s an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment.[1] Love is also a virtue representing all of human kindnesscompassion, and affection —”the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”

Romans 13:8  Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.

Bottom line; We could bash these women and talk trash about them all day, but as women of faith, our job is to speak love, grace, and convey the traits of a virtuous woman. Show the younger ones in your life how to live this life for Christ, to live with and for your purpose, and most importantly, that this life is not about us, but about helping others learn who they are, and helping them to reach their goals.

Be the positive influence you want to see on television, because if we don’t start somewhere, it may never come.

Love you guys,

Dara Nichole


So you want to be a writer

Being a writer can lead you to so many different professions. Whether you would like to write movies, be a journalist, write books, or write professional speeches for Presidents and dignitaries, there are a few things you must focus on now:

  • Developing your writing skills

You can do this by starting or writing for a school newspaper. When I was in 5th grade, the students all got together and started a newspaper. We wrote about any and everything we could think of. It also gave us an idea of what it would be to write for a real paper.

  • Join Organizations or clubs that promote writing

Join clubs either online or in your area to motivate the writing process, or even start one of your own! Here are some websites you can visit below:

  • Blog, blog, blog

Blogging not only assists you in developing your writing skills, but you also can learn from other bloggers. Blogging is the art of posting entries on your personal site how often as you would like. If you have a Facebook page you can also connect your blogs to FB, and have people comment on whatever subject you decide to discuss. Here are some blogs (including mine) that you can refer to as examples.

  • Find people in your field and ask them to mentor you

Whether it be though Facebook, a Google search, or through people you know, connect with adults in your area and have them connect you with writing resources. The opportunities are limited in what you can do, so meet people, step out of your comfort zone, and explore your options!

When you have the opportunity to throw in the towel… Don’t, and here is why!

So we have all heard most of the scriptures about not giving up, and we’re very aware that we need to continue the good fight of faith.

But when you are going through those tests and trials how easy is it for us to forget the very thing we confessed over ourselves that morning, that past Sunday at church, and at our prayer meeting the night before. Do we really understand the importance of the gifts on the inside of us?

Understanding the vision that God put on the inside of us to fulfill his purpose and plan for our lives is key to walking into that very thing. Sometimes when we don’t fully understand something, we don’t recognize the value or power it holds.

The bible says in Hosea 4:6 “My People are destroyed for a lack of knowledge..” When we truly seek God and understand the vision that he has for us, and stay in constant prayer and contact on what God would have us to do, then we get the revelation on that matter, and obedience becomes easier.

I truly believe that when we have an understanding on our vision and realize to an extent how people can be affected positively with the gifts on the inside of us, more confidence in walking in God’s will comes forward. I always think about if my pastor would have decided to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or even a school teacher and not walked into the calling of being a Bishop. How many lives have been changed through his ministry? How many people have been restored, renewed, refreshed, and given hope?

The bible says in Romans 5:20 “For just as by one man’s disobedience (failing to hear, heedlessness, and carelessness) the many were constituted sinners, so by one Man’s obedience the many will be constituted righteous (made acceptable to God, brought into right standing with Him.)” Now Jesus definitely was obedient and understood the calling on his life, he knew that he had to give his life for us. We are to be like Christ as well, and just like Jesus, God Will use us to bring people to him and bring them into right standing through our obedience to God and our selflessness.

See how important your gift and your obedience to walking in the will of God is important to the Kingdom!

Now as you are reading this, raise your hand if you have ever been in the process of accomplishing your goal and have been distracted, lied on, talked about, or even physically or mentally pushed off course. If you have it proves, how important your gift and obedience is to the body of Christ.

What I have learned is, in our process to becoming all what God wants us to be, we are being developed. We are being molded. While we go through the rumors, the jealousy, and the distractions we are able to use the word to develop and feed our faith. As we grow in faith, we are able to disciple people under us, and show them the way that leads to Christ. And the cycle of vision, obedience, and faith start again in someone else.

11 ways to hurt your career via Yahoo jobs

For the New Year we all make resolutions that will make us better, If you are looking to improve your Career, start with these 11 tips:

While most career advice focuses on how to succeed, we can all learn valuable lessons by dissecting career failure as well. Workplace experts offer insights into some of the top ways workers undermine their own careers and jeopardize their career development.

1. Not Taking Your Education Seriously
If you party too much in college and end up with a run-of-the-mill 2.5 GPA, you’ll be passed over for the best entry-level jobs, says New York City-based executive recruiter and coach Brian Drum, of Drum Associates. Not finishing your master’s degree is another way to hurt your career-development goals, adds Anne Angerman, a career coach with Denver-based Career Matters.

2. Not Having a Plan
In the current poor job market, you may have defaulted into a career you aren’t crazy about. That’s OK, as long as you develop career plans to get where you want to be. “Think of every job you take as a stepping-stone to your next job,” Drum advises.

3. Lying
You’ll lose professional credibility in a hurry if you lie, from exaggerating on your resume to getting caught fibbing on Facebook. “If someone calls in sick to work and then that evening posts a photo on Facebook of their extra day vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, that’s a big problem,” says corporate etiquette specialist Diane Gottsman of the Protocol School of Texas in San Antonio. 

4. Sullying Your Reputation on Facebook or Twitter
Social media can harm your reputation in other ways, too. Personal posts and tweets from work–when you’re supposed to be doing your job–can tag you as a slacker. And the content of your posts or tweets can come back to haunt you as well–you never know who might stumble upon those bachelor-party photos. “You need to assume that every boss and potential employer knows how to use Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, and post from the standpoint that everyone is watching–even if in reality they’re not,” Gottsman says.

5. Not Respecting Professional Boundaries
Sharing TMI about your personal life with colleagues is unprofessional. “Your coworkers don’t want to hear about your fights with your husband,” Angerman says. On the other hand, if you’re ultraprivate and work with a chatty group, join the conversations occasionally so coworkers don’t resent you.

6. Gossiping, Slandering, and Excessively Criticizing
If you publicly bash fellow employees, the boss, the board of directors, or even your competitors, you’ll be perceived as negative at best and a troublemaker at worst. The ramifications can be broad and long-term, Gottsman says. “Industries are tight,” she says. “You don’t want to be the one who started that rumor about the head of your industry.” As far as bad-mouthing competitors–what if your company merges with a competitor, or you want to work for one someday?

7. Carrying on an Inappropriate Relationship with Your Boss|
Never a good idea, but an especially bad one if your boss is married. “When you get involved in a drama or in something unethical that can be brought out in the open, you’re asking for trouble,” Gottsman says.

8. Not Controlling Your Alcohol Intake or Libido
Getting drunk at the office party or on a business trip damages your credibility. Ditto a romantic, ahem, “indiscretion” that your colleagues know about.

9. Job-Hopping Just for the Money
Job-hopping–in moderation–may not automatically disqualify you from a position. “But it gets to the point–like if you have seven or eight jobs by the time you’re 35–that employers are not going to want to invest in you,” Drum says. Also, if you have leadership aspirations, keep in mind that the top dogs of many large corporations have been with those organizations for long periods, he says. Additionally, many companies have “last in, first out” layoff policies, which could leave you out of a job if you never stick around long enough to build tenure anywhere.

10. Losing Touch with References
You’ll kick yourself later if you leave a job without collecting personal contact information from colleagues who can serve as professional references for you in the future. “If you were forced to leave a job and you can’t ask your boss for a reference, hopefully you’ve built up some rapport with a colleague and can ask them,” Angerman says. 

11. Leaving a Job on Bad Terms
Don’t become a lame duck when you’ve got one foot out the door, Drum says. “The employer only remembers about the last five minutes you were there,” he says. Give proper notice and don’t leave a mess behind. And by all means, do not make a huge dramatic production of it when you quit, complete with cursing, slandering, and throwing things, Gottsman advises. “It’s very difficult to get another job when you’ve left destruction in your wake,” she says.

It’s been a long time

How are you going to wrap up 2010?

Hi guys!

I know it has been a very long time since I have reached out to you all, and I do apologize! As you all know the holiday season is upon us and I have been very busy with getting things together to start out the New year a fresh.

I was tweeting the other day, and as you know people say things that are just on their minds, well as I perused my timeline, I started seeing tweets discussing goals for the New Year. People were saying how they were going to lose weight, step up their spiritual game, and so on and so forth. There were even comments about how 2011 is going to be the best year of their life (Which I totally agree with! I’m going to blow 2011 out of the water!) but my question to you is, what about this year? How can you finish off 2010 with a bang?

Sometimes we give up with our goals by the time December rolls around because we haven’t achieved what we put our minds to earlier that year. We are human, we make plans, and sometimes they fall through. I challenge you today to use the last few days we have of 2010 and make the best of them. Set a short term goal for anything, create a plan and implement it, start that book, draw that pattern out for that clothing line, write your business plan. Whatever you do, use the next 15 days to do something innovative, creative and goal oriented. When you do this, it will give you even more momentum to start the New Year taking more steps to achieving your God given dreams. You can do it!

Oh, you probably want to know what my goals are for Jan.1? Well, I plan on writing 5 chapters of my new book “In his shadow”, and getting my current book “Called Out” into at least one bookstore. Simple, but I think I can do it!

Have a great holiday, and remember “You can win, as long as you keep, your head to the sky.”

Be confident!!!!!!!

Dara Nichole