Jesus…. An ultimate example of a man

ImageFirst off, Happy New year to everyone! I hope you all have made the best of the first 10 days of the year! 2013 is a fresh start for a lot of us, full of promise, hope, and good times. 2012 may not of been your best year, but “The best is yet to come!” So hold on and don’t give up!

Personally At the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 I went through some struggles that I never thought I would ever have to face. It challenged my faith, and my walk with Christ, but I have learned so much since going through. While at church on Sunday my pastor discussed The blood of Jesus, and at the end he showed some snippets from the Passion of the Christ movie. Now I have seen this movie before, but this time I felt like it was through totally new eyes.

Jesus, in his perfection was ridiculed, embarrassed, tempted, beat, and betrayed unjustly. when I think about how Jesus felt after being spat on, and betrayed by the very ones who walked with him, it makes me realize how much strength he exuded. His selflessness, and love for us, despite what was going on around him still propelled him to fulfill the calling on his life. He even spoke the words “forgive them, for they know not what they do”. How many of us have said that about our enemies?

Jesus, in all his power and heavenly strength was consistently tempted, tested and tried. Whether it was by one of his own, outsiders or the devil himself. He always overcame every obstacle and every test that was put in front of him. Jesus never had the “Woe is me” mentality, he knew his purpose was bigger than just him. He never gave up, even when they put a crown of thorns on his head, he didn’t stop when he had to carry the cross through the city while people humiliated and spat on him. He forgave those who hated him, and that is the ultimate example of a man. 

Throughout the bible Jesus speaks to us a lot about love, respect, and how to treat others, but the greatest example of Jesus was that he walked out the words that came out of his mouth. Jesus displayed love to others and protected them even when they did wrong, like the prostitute who he kept from being stoned (John 8:7). Jesus Showed us how to stand up for ourselves and use the word of God as our aid and not let the devil lie to us, like he did when the Devil came to him (Matthew 4:1-11). He also showed us how to forgive even in the midst of our enemies like he did when he hung on the cross and was being ridiculed (Luke 23:34-37). 

When we think about ourselves as being Followers of Christ how do we line up? Do we follow the same character traits as Jesus, and line ourselves up with the word of God, or do we let our flesh get in the way and wrap ourselves in our emotions and handle our problems that way? Jesus character and integrity and passion to do the will of the Father is a powerful example of how we should live our lives everyday. This life is not all about us, and until we get to the point where we rely strictly on the word of God to handle our issues, worries, and struggles we will constantly be in a position where we aren’t able to help others be who they are called to be. We have to let go whatever it is that comes against us to break us, and lean on the word of God for direction, healing, and restoration. That’s what Jesus would do, what about you?


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