Live your dreams!!!!

So the theme of my life for the past three years has really been to “Live your dreams!” Now that I am 30, I think I am starting to see more and more the potential that I have on the inside of me. But I have also seen how “I” have been holding myself back from accomplishing things I could’ve conquered years ago! Let me explain….

We can always find a reason to say why we can’t accomplish something, but what are the reasons we give ourselves for finishing that marathon, taking that art class, or publishing that book? We have to get more motivated and more strategic about living our dreams, or we will always feel that sense of “Unsatisfaction” for not completing the one thing that we know we are ultimately “Called”to accomplish!

My dream has been to teach life skills classes to teens. I wanted to do this about two years ago, but never had the opportunity, money, or the girls to teach. So I continued to write my books, stay relevant to the teens I knew, and focus on developing my platform, then one day, it happened.

An old friend told me about a grant that was available for anyone who would do a program in the City Of Detroit, if I applied by a certain date, I could have the opportunity to put my program on for the summer. two months later, Girls Camp was in full effect, and the girls and I had a blast! it was a lot of time, work and energy, but in the end we had over 40 girls apply, 30 girls in the the program and 26 girls with perfect attendance!

It was such a blessing to work with these girls. I truly learned a lot about myself as well, and I am so thankful that I followed my dream and “put the work in” It;s so refreshing when you actually obey and do the thing  that God Called you to do!


I truly believe each mentor and mentee’s life was changed during this program!  Each girl has a special place in our hearts, and we know that their future is bright!!!!





























































About daranichole

Lover of Christ, Wife, mother, author, and entrepreneur! I have a heart for women!

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