Review: “She is, but he ain’t” A short story By Dara Nichole

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Not sure if any of you have ever read my debut E-book novel ‘She is, but he ain’t”. If not, here is a review. After you read this, I’m sure you will want to get your copy!





I just recently gave in to reading fictional books. The excerpt I have chosen is from a short novel titled She Is But He Ain’t by Dara Nichole. The story is about a girl who has been a victim of emotional and verbal abuse by her boyfriend of 4 years and how she discovers herself worth and realizes that her boyfriend is not what she desires in her life. Abrielle is the girl who is the main character. In this part of the novella, Abrielle has regained herself dignity, respect and interest in who she wants to become. It has been 2 months without communicating and thinking about her ex-boyfriend, Joshua. Now, a man of respect and class has sought after her and she is ready to begin to date him. The first ‘real’ date encounter takes place and the ending is as follows: “by the time I got home, it was about 2:30 am. We walked and talked for so long. We discussed our families, our childhoods, our most embarrassing moments, and even our future dreams and goals. In just about four hours I learned so much about this man. He was funny, sweet, sensitive, and faintly arrogant. I guess I could deal with that” (49). I believe that this excerpt is descriptively expressive. Nichole chooses words that are alluring to keep the reader interested, entertained, and anxious to follow more after this scene.Nichole’s alluring works of writing keeps any reader engaged as if it was a movie or a sitcom. As I read and read I desired to want to pause and re-wind as if it was a show I recorded on DVR.

Ironically, the ability to create a work of literature into a visual masterpiece takes lots of skill, talent, and effort. Needless to say as a technological fast paced world we have not yet discovered a way to instantly invent literature into screen. As much as I would love to see a story come to life right before my eyes as I read, I believe it may become a distraction of keeping up with the author and a film composition in one.On the other side, my anxiety arose while anticipating what would take place next. This short story is about 52 pages set to keep any reader on the edge of their seat; anxiously awaiting the adrenaline rush of bumps, bruises, brokenness summing up to a complete wholesome sense of credibility. It took me approximately 2 days with work and such but in closing to this story, I was on the edge of my bed engaged for hours looking at the time questioning, what time do I have to get up again? So, when you begin to read make sure to have the time to do so; no yawning in class or at work from a late night read like I did.

Infusing words properly and placing in its correct spot to work well in any literature format is a work of art. I truly believe that this piece of the novella has reached that potential. I suggest anyone who is interested in fictional, urban based, Christian published books or are drama related readers/viewers pick up a copy of Dara Nichole’s, She is But He Ain’t novella today! It is a simple, captivating piece of literature that keeps the reader’s anticipation on the edge. Also, check out her newest release: Called Out! (The hyperlink is accessible to download an e-copy for FREE or purchase the cover bound book at your local bookstore!)

Happy Readings! ;)Teresha “TeRenae” HendricksWorks Cited: ©September 2010



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