You have freedom, so act like it! Get beautified from the inside out

Church folk….what comes to mind when you think about that? I have been saved for a good amount of time, and I believe I have a good grasp of what church folk do, and who they are. When I first got saved I changed my life, for the better, but in the course of finding out who God was I unknowingly let myself go in certain areas. We as women, as Christian women, have to remember that we are heirs to the throne, and our daddy is the king. Kings don’t have daughters that dress like paupers. We have to be representatives of the kingdom in every way, and not think that if we buy a pair of cute heels, that we’re doomed. Here are some tips on living a sanctified, free lifestyle in the kingdom, building up your confidence in yourself, and learning your true beauty, inside and out!

1.) Learn your hair, and love it:

I have friends who have gone natural, bald, blonde, brown, and straight, and know how to keep it up! Learn what type of hair your have, embrace it, and work with it. Find a celebrity, or someone you know who wears their hair the same way you want to wear yours and ask them what products they use. Experiment, find out what looks best and what works for you. Your hair is your glory! Love it, spend time making it beautiful, and enjoying it! Invest in it, you only have one head of hair! Make it as gorgeous as possible.

2.) Embrace your shape: The four most common shapes of a woman are  Banana, apple, pear, and hour glass, which one are you? There are so many designers cheap and expensive, who are making clothes according to these four shapes. find out what jeans fit you the best, what type of skirts accentuate everything God gave you. What type and style of bra is best for you? Spend time investing in yourself to boost your confidence. Again, once you find out this information, ask someone you admire who may wear the same size where they shop. Be proud of being full-figured, thin, thick, or in between. Love yourself.

3.) Stop going out to eat all the time, their are other things to do: As christians are favorite pasttime is to go out to eat. After service, after a church concert, after midweek service, after bible study, etc. etc. This not only drains your pockets, but also increases your chances of gaining weight. Invite friends over after service and cook a homemade meal, or plan a trip to go bike riding, sightseeing, a road trip, bumper car basketball, paint ball, a boat ride, etc. experience other things with people that you enjoy spending time with, otherwise those same people your going out to eat with, will be the same people going to the gym with you.

4.) Love the skin your in:

Learn everything about your skin tone, and what it needs to stay healthy and beautiful. take a class, read some magazines. Get a makeover, and have the professional discuss with you the best products for your skin. take care of what God has blessed you with, and ensure that as long as your spirit is in this temple, it is well taken care of.

5.) Get in your word, learn your purpose: Once you know your purpose, and really start to walk in it, you feel unstoppable. God has given you specifically something to accomplish within your lifetime. Whether it is to write a book, write a song, mentor women, or even be a minister, learn your calling, know what God wants you to do, and walk in it. You will have more confidence knowing you are doing the thing God called you to do.

The biggest thing We as women have to fight with is our self image. Don’t let the enemy trick you into believing your not beautiful because the bible says you are. You have to learn how to invest in yourself. We will spend $100 on a purse or shoes, but not on products to make our hair healthy, or skin care products that will enhance our beautiful skin tones. Put your money where your mouth is. Love yourself, invest in  yourself, and I guarantee your self confidence will jump by leaps and bounds!


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Lover of Christ, Wife, mother, author, and entrepreneur! I have a heart for women!

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