The Lord will give you the desires of your heart

This year so far has had it’s challenges for me, but through it all I made a decision in my heart that whatever happened, my book would get published. I have put in a lot of hours, sacrificed a lot of things, and am grateful that I stuck to my decision.

I know I always tell you this, but in the book of Daniel, it talks about how Daniel made a decision in his heart to not eat from the Kings table. This was a sacrifice for him and his men, but he stuck to it. Do you know how many times he may have been tempted to take a bite of some of the succulent, tasty treats on the Kings table? But he didn’t give up or give in.

In the end, the KING HIMSELF said that Daniel and his men were stronger, and looked better than the men that were eating from the Kings table. God cause him to triumph through his sacrifice, and I want to be the same way.

This past week I was campaigning to win a PR schaolarship through a renowned Publicist. I sent out Twitter, facebook, and email messages to have people campaign for me. I sacrificed doing a lot of things this week, and focused on winning this prize because I knew the value, and understood what this scholarship would be able to do to market my message out to women all over the world. after the 4th of July I found out that out of all 20 odd contestants, I was the winner! I am so grateful to God that He caused me to triumph, all because I made a decision in my heart to focus on the things of Christ, and not myself.

Today, put Christ and his ways first, make a decision in your heart that you will follow him and do his will, and he will give you the deisres of your heart, just like he did for me. I love you all, and God bless you.

If you would like to read about the scholarship I won, click here:

Have a great week!


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Lover of Christ, Wife, mother, author, and entrepreneur! I have a heart for women!

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  1. Praise God for whom all blessings flow. You will love the boot camp with fabulous PR coach Pam Perry.

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