Chapter 2 “Keeping up with the Billingsleys”

“Oh no she didn’t!” See, this is why I can’t live with uppity folks.” Tenia slammed the freezer door closed and walked toward the couch where I was sitting.

“Danielle, did you eat my last Hot pocket?” Tenia stood in front of me like I stole something from her.

“No Tenia, I don’t even like those things.” I rolled my eyes and pushed her from in front of the television.

“Well, if you didn’t eat it, and I didn’t eat it, it had to be Renea.” I chuckled.

“Why does it have to be Renea? It could have been –

“Oh yeah or her lazy boyfriend who always loungin’ around our house, yup that’s who ate it.” It had been three months since we all lived together and things weren’t exactly hunky dory. We had established a great system with the cooking and cleaning of the kitchen, but for some reason Renea never pulled her weight.  So anything that went wrong in the house, she was always blamed. It wasn’t fair, but I think it was just easier to blame the person who never lifted a finger.

“Tenia, maybe you took it to work today, or maybe she thought it was hers.  Or maybe Latavia ate it. It may not have been here.” I stood up and started looking through the freezer again, trying to get Renea off the hook, but to no avail.

Five minutes later Renea walks out of her room with a paper plate in hand balled up, runs to the garbage and runs back to her room. Tenia and I locked eyes, then we both ran to the garbage.

“I bet you my hot pocket wrapper is in here.”

“You may just be over reacting.” We popped the top of the trash and she pulled the paper plate out.

“I will give you five bucks if there is a hot pocket wrapper in there.” I laughed as she unballed the paper plate and pulled out the plastic covering from the hot pocket.

“I’mma get her!” Tenia threw the trash on the floor and stormed towards Renea’s room.

“T, it’s not that big of a deal.” I jumped in front of her trying to stop her from beating up the girl over a hot pocket.  As I pushed her back toward the kitchen, she slowed in her tracks and looked me in the eyes.

“It’s not about the hot pocket Danielle, it’s the principle!” She smacked her hands together and a smirk came to her face.

“If she would have just asked I would have given it to her, but she violated my personal property and ate my stuff! I don’t touch her food, so why she gotta mess with mine!”

I nodded my head in agreement, but mostly just to get her calmed down.

“T, if you talk to her, just go in there calmly man, cause you going in all riled up is not gonna make it any better.”

As we were talking Renea comes out of her bedroom looking confused.

“Why are you guys yelling, it’s 9 o’clock at night?”

I rolled me eyes and stepped from in front of Tenia.  She took a deep breath, walked closer to Renea, and started to speak.

“I don’t appreciate the fact, that you ate my hot pocket, and acted like it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t yours, and I don’t touch your stuff, so why are you messing with mine?” Renia backed up and looked at her in a confusing manner.

“What are you talking about, that nasty ham and cheese pocket I just ate? It was nothing else to eat, my bad.” She threw her hands up and proceeded to walk back to her room. Tenia looked at me and before I could stop her, Tenia had grabbed the back of Renia’s ponytail.


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