Chapter 10 “She is, but he ain’t”

Chapter 10

“Lord, I’ve been going to church for the past few weeks and learning a lot about you.” I knelt down in front of my bed and bowed my head.

“I’m learning so much about who you are, and who I am. I just want to thank you.” For the first time in weeks I was able to pray without crying, and without thinking about how my life was not the same without Joshua.

“Lord, Thank you for taking the pain away. I mean every now and then I think about him, but I ask that you take it away totally. I don’t want to have any feelings for him at all, amen.” I stood up, wiped my skirt off and went downstairs to relax. The past few weeks had been lonely. Peaceful, but lonely. I tried to fill my time with hanging with Jasmine, reading, and playing on the internet, but I would always still want to call Joshua before I went to bed. That is when I would remember how I would call and he would either, not answer at all, or send me a text message to “call him in the morning”. Those memories always snapped me back into reality.

Ellington had called a few times, and each time I enjoyed talking to him. He was funny, sweet, smart, and everything a girl could want, but I didn’t know if I wanted him right now. I mean he would be someone to pass the time with, but did he really want to be that rebound guy? I seriously doubted it.

“Abrielle, telephone!” my mom yelled from the basement. I plopped on the couch and picked up the phone in the living room.

“Hey girl, what you got up?” I laid back on the couch and turned on the television.

“Hey Jasmine, I didn’t have anything planned, what do you have up today?”

“Nothing girl, wanted to know if you want to go to the mall?”

“Sure, I’ll be ready in ten minutes.” I slowly got myself dolled up to head out to the mall, and as usual, Jasmine took longer than usual. 45 minutes later Jasmine pulls up, and hurries me to get in the car.          

“Girl hurry up, I don’t have all day.” She rolled down the window and motioned for me. As soon as we got to the mall, we realized it was a big mistake. The mall was always crowded on Saturday afternoons, especially with families with kids running around, and thousands of strollers passing us by.

“Girl, maybe we should have waited until tomorrow.” Jasmine looked at me.

“It’s fine lady, the stores we want to go in hopefully won’t be too crazy.”  We walked in our favorite store and the line was wrapped around the register.

“Well, at least we’ll have time to try on clothes on” We laughed and started perusing the store. About 45 minutes later we walked out of the store, bags in hand, and ready to eat.

“Girl let’s go to that chicken place in the food court, it’s always so good.” We headed over to the food court, grabbed our lunches and found a clean table in the back.

“Jasmine I’m glad you called, it was good to be able to get out today and just have girl talk. Plus, I needed some new shirts, so that sale was right on time.” She smiled as I stuffed a fry in my mouth.

“Yeah, girl I mean the last few weeks have been really strenuous for you, it’s always good to get out and let your hair down.” We laughed and giggled for about fifteen minutes, then all of sudden Jasmine was ready to go.

“Why are you in a rush, I wanna finish my soda pop.” I contested.

“Girl, come on, it’s one more store I want to hit before the mall closes.” She grabbed my bag and stood up, but by then, I had already seen him, slowly walking toward us, with a random woman on his arm. She looked a terrible mess. Mini skirt, asymmetrical hair cut, with a bang in the front, way to much make up, and a tank top. It was like 52 degrees outside, so she really looked like he picked her off the street.

“Hey Bri,” He walked up to me and pulled the girls hand towards him. She grabbed his shoulder and giggled. Typical woman he goes for; pretty, light skinned, docile woman. That wasn’t me anymore…..

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