Chapter 6 “She is, but he ain’t (Short story by Dara Nichole)

Chapter 6

Ring, ring” I had pushed the snooze button on my alarm twice, and was ready to push it again, but I knew I had to get up. I smacked the alarm with my face still in the pillow, and rolled over face up. I had fallen asleep in my clothes, and I forgot to pinup my hair before I went to bed. More work to do this morning.

“Abrielle, girl you gon’ be late for work, it’s almost 8:15.” My mom yelled from the kitchen. She and I grew apart after my father died. All three of us were so close, and when my dad was diagnosed with cancer and died a year later, we didn’t know what to do. My parents and I frequented the church around the corner from our house, and even after my father died, they still called to check on us. That was two years ago, and my mother and I, were still putting the pieces back together.

“I’m getting’ up now ma!” I got the energy to get out of bed, grab my towel, and walk into the bathroom with my eyes barely open. Once I looked in the mirror, I saw my tear stained face. Those tears brought back memories of everything that had happened within the last 24 hours. Today was going to be a rough day, but I was going to trust God, or at least try to trust. I just wanted to be able to see how far I could get through the day without breaking down.


Coffee and concealer was going to be my best friend today.  I walked in the office ready to do work. I had a few smaller meetings today, a couple of media Kits to review for our clients, and a few phone calls to return. A perfect day of working by myself without too much interaction with others. As I walked into my office I put my purse in my drawer and hung my coat up. I sat down in my seat and noticed a card with my name on it lying on the desk.

“Ms. Abrielle, someone has something for you.” Jacquelyn, the secretary brings in a single rose, and a balloon that says “Just because”. I tried to keep my facial expressions to minimum, for the fear of Jacquelyn asking any questions.

“Thank you Jackie.” I grabbed the rose and the balloon from her, and as soon as she walked out the room, I threw the rose in the garbage.

“He thinks all he has to do is buy one rose, and I’m supposed to melt back in his arms? Well he has another thing coming.” I stood up and paced back and forth in front of my desk, wondering if I should or shouldn’t open the card.

“Well, you never know, if he’s apologizing, I guess it’s not that bad to open.” I ran to my seat and opened the card. It was a beautiful card with a young black couple walking toward the sunset on a railroad track. I opened the card, and it read:

Maybe sometimes you don’t see, all the beautiful things that I see;

Your grace is unmatching

Your smile divine

Your beauty is timeless

You’re perfect by design.

And even in our short meeting, I can’t seem to get you out of my mind.

I don’t want to be forward, and push my way into your world,

But when I look in your eyes I know you’re that girl

My mother would love to meet

Who would knock me off me feet

And with whom it would be a treat

To spend a day or two, or forever with, walking into the sunset with

And enjoying the journey life has us on.


Warmest regards, Ellington

I immediately grinned from ear to ear. Wow, even after all that mess, he still wanted to get to know me? I sat back in my chair and smiled.

“Ms. Robinson, how are you?” Mr. Kendo walked into my office unannounced as usual. I quickly sat up and slipped the card in my desk drawer.

“Hi, Mr. Kendo, is there anything I can do for you?” I hurriedly jumped out of my seat and walked to the front of my desk. Usually his visits were short and sweet, hopefully this meeting would be déjà vu.

“Ms. Robinson, we are going to be working with a new client, and I would like you to work on the PR team. I think this would provide you a great opportunity to gain more knowledge of the business while playing an active role in facilitating the client’s needs. Would you be willing to put in the time and effort required?

“Definitely Mr. Kendo, when do I start?” This would also be a great distraction from the horror movie that is my life.

“The meeting is in about thirty minutes in the conference room. I will see you then.” Mr. Kendo was so dry, but so involved in the development of his employees. I could appreciate that. I walked back to my seat, pulled my rose out of the garbage and pulled my card out of the drawer. Joshua never did anything like this. I could get used to it.


I walked into the conference room with my notepad, pen, calculator, and planner ready to go. Surprisingly I was the first one there. Two of my co-workers came in and explained that we would be working with a small greeting cards company that was looking to branch out of the metropolitan area. We passed around the financial statements, prospectus, and past marketing plans. Just as we were about to start our conversation about the company, the owner, Mr. Randolph Luddington, walked in. With him was his financial advisor, his personal assistant, and Ellington. How in the world was this going to go? Of all the greeting card companies and advertising agencies, we end up here together.  Again, my life takes a turn that I’m not prepared for.


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