Chapter 4 “She is, but he ain’t (A short story by Dara Nichole)

“Joshua, I’m about to go, I need you to leave.” I spoke through the screen door, hoping he would leave the flowers and walk away.

“But baby, can’t we just talk tonight? I wanna work it out. I’m sorry.” His beautiful light brown complexion went so well with his hazel eyes and jet black curly hair. He stood at the doorway as the wind blew his designer button up shirt in the wind. I could see in his eyes that he really did care for me.

“Joshua, we have been through so much, why should I let you in?”

“Baby, that’s the reason why, because we have been through so much together. I want you to be my girl foreal.” He slowly reached for the screen door and stepped a little closer.

“Joshua all these years you have taken advantage of our relationship, and I don’t know if I can give you another chance.” Tears started to fall as I backed up from the screen door. I wanted so bad to let him in, to trust him, and know that he would do right by me. But I couldn’t. It was something telling me that he was going to do this again. And I had to think about myself.

All of a sudden a black truck pulled up in front of my house.

“Ellington.” I whispered to myself. How could I have gotten into such a predicament? What was I gonna do? What would I tell Him? Would he drive off?

“Who is this dude?” Joshua threw the flowers on the grass and started walking rapidly toward Ellington’s car.

“Joshua, stop it!” I opened the screen door and tried to jump in front of Joshua before he got to the truck. As Ellington Got out, he noticed the commotion, and immediately looked confused.

“Hey Abrielle, who is this?” He played it real calm.

“I’m her man, who is you?” Joshua was all frowned up. Ellington stood a lofty 6’3 to Joshua’s diminutive 5’7.  Even though Joshua was largely shorter than Ellington, he had no fear. Ellington all the while, looked confused and taken aback on what he just walked into.

“Abrielle, look, I didn’t come here to start a fight with this man. I’m here for you.”

“Well, if you come here for her my dude, then you came here for me. That’s my girl.” Joshua walked a little closer up on Ellington and I jumped between them.

“Look Joshua, go in the house, right now. I will be there in a minute.” I slowly turned his body around and pushed him gently toward the door. I turned back to Ellington Wondering if he was going to be out of my life forever.

“Ellington, I would love to go out tonight, but I have a lot going on right now. I’m sorry.” I took a deep breath and put my head down. I was so ashamed of myself. So ashamed that I put myself in this type of predicament, and I couldn’t figure how to get myself out of it. Ellington took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then he put his hand on my shoulder.

“Abrielle, you don’t want to be with that man, and he doesn’t deserve you. I respect the fact you have a lot going on right now, but that man you got is not going to make anything easier for you. When you are ready for something better, call me.” He jumped in his truck and pulled off slowly.


I open the screen door and Joshua sat there with his feet propped up on the coffee table, a bag of Chips in his hand, and the remote in the other.

“That clown gone?” He didn’t even look me in the eye.

“Joshua, we need to talk.” I sat on the couch, grabbed the remote from his hand and took the chip out of his mouth.

“About what?”He looked confused.

“Us, Joshua, me and you. What are we doing?” he put his face in his hand and let out a deep breath.

“Bri-bri, it’s me and you girl. What else do you want? I’mma be committed to you.”

“So you are done messin’ with other girls?”

“Yes baby, done.”

“And no more standing me up for dates.”

“I’ll be here to pick you up fifteen minutes early.”

“And your going to make an effort to spend more time with me.”

“Yup, whatever you want.” He smiled his big beautiful smile, and even through all the pain he had caused me, had to smile back. I loved this man, and if he was going to be committed to me, then I could forgive him for what he did. We all make mistakes right?


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  1. BRI!!! NOOOOO! Is what I wanted to scream so loud at her. Don’t trust Hazel eyes and jet black curly hair ha ha ha! I wasn’t pleased to see her send Ellington home…..Joshua, Joshua, Joshua….I want to take a belt to him ha ha ha!

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