“She is,but he ain’t” a short story by Dara Nichole

                                            Chapter 1

“This was the last time Joshua was going to do this to me.”

I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes and reached for my cell phone.

“No calls, typical.”

All men were dogs was becoming to be my conclusion, or maybe it was just Joshua.  It hurt so bad because with him, I had actually let Joshua in. I mean I really opened up to him.  We spent a good amount of time together, late night phone calls, breakfast dates, and even weekend trips up north.  Though I was scheduled around his many client meetings, lunches with his mom, and Saturday evenings with his fraternity brothers, he would try to squeeze time in for me, which was beginning to be no time at all.

I dialed his number on my phone and let it ring. No answer. He was absolutely useless. I threw myself on the couch and let my arm dangle as I threw the phone on the floor.

“I hope he doesn’t call anyway, all he’s gonna do is just try to apologize. Abrielle, I’m sorry baby, I had a client meeting, Abrielle, baby my mom needed me to run an errand for her. Blah blah.”

More tears fell down my cheek and fell to the floor as I thought about how I felt, stupid. Stupid for letting him become a major part of my life. Stupid for believing his lies, and stupid for buying a new outfit and getting all dressed up for nothing.

“Ring, ring.”

I reached across the living room floor and reluctantly looked at the caller id.

“Hey Jasmine,” I was actually relieved it was her and not Joshua. I didn’t want him to hear the tremble in my voice.

“Hey girl, what’s poppin’!” Jasmine was always lively; throughout our eight years of friendship I didn’t remember her having a bad day.  I managed to scrape myself off the couch in an upright position so she didn’t get the full effect of my miserable state.

“Girl, me and Joshua were supposed to go out, and of course that was an hour ago. So I’m just gonna go put on my pajamas, grab an ice cream out the fridge, and watch T.V.

“Girl, whateva! He is not worth you wasting a perfectly beautiful Saturday night. Let’s go hang out.”

I was so not in the mood.

“Jas, girl, I just wanna chill, I’m not really fee-”

“I’m not gonna here it Abrielle, I’ll be there in twenty minutes, and make sure you wear some cute pumps.” She hung up before I could respond.

Why couldn’t she just let me feel sorry for myself? I was perfectly happy being miserable. Here she goes being a good friend. I peeled myself off the couch and smoothed out my skirt.  I guess this was for the better, I mean at least I could get my mind off of him.

“Abrielle, what time you leavin?” My mom shouted from the basement.

“In about fifteen minutes.”  I should have told her now, so she wouldn’t ask me to make a run for a pack of cigarettes or a Pepsi.

“Can you run to-” I knew it.

“No, mom, Jasmine’s gonna be here soon, and I have to be ready.” I ran up to the bathroom so I wouldn’t have to deal with her yelling back and forth at me for the next fifteen minutes. I looked in the mirror and smoothed my swoop with my finger tips. I was beautiful, why didn’t Joshua see that? I just didn’t understand why he didn’t want to be with me. I pulled my lipstick out of my purse and applied an extra coat so it would show up brightly. I then fixed my necklace and put some lotion on my hands. Before I had a chance to do anything else Jasmine was beeping her horn. I was actually getting excited to go out with her.

“Hey girl!” I jumped in the car and immediately threw all the crap that was in her front seat in the back.

“When are you gonna clean this car?” she giggled and I shook my head.

“Girl I ain’t thinking about that right now, anyway you ready for tonight.” Jasmine had the biggest smile on her face.

“Where are you taking me Jasmine!”

“Well,” She pulled the car in reverse out of the driveway and began to drive down the street.

“You know that new lounge opened up tonight Twenty Four, and my co-worker’s cousin is the bouncer, so he said he could get us in.”

“Jasmine, you know I don’t do the club scene.” I was beginning to think this was gonna be a bad idea.

“Bri, it’s a lounge, we can chill and talk and look at cute guys. And you know all the hotties are gonna be there tonight, trust me, you will have a good time.”


We parked halfway down the street and walked up to the line, which was wrapped around the building. This was one of the main reasons I hated going to clubs.

“Jasmine, do you even know what he looks like?” I was very skeptical of this hook up.

“Bri, that’s him. Hey, Dawan! It’s me, Jasmine!”

 Jasmine ran up to the front of the line in her nine inch heels and short skirt and put her hand on Dawan’s shoulder. At first he didn’t look to convinced that he knew her, but after a short conversation, and an exchange of phone numbers, we were in.

It was dark, smoky, and loud. There was a huge dance floor with no one on it, and two bars on either side . There were areas that had couches, and chairs, and it looked like an upstairs that had a few areas for a VIP section. We quickly found an area with a couch and a table and decided to watch the scenery.

After an hour, people started to flood in the door, the music started getting louder, and the bar was crowded.

“Ooh, he is cute!” Jasmine pointed at a caramel colored guy across the way staring at her. He was dressed really nice, Blazer, jeans and a nice pair of shoes.

“Jasmine, I think he’s looking at you.” I smiled at her.

“If he wants me, he can come and get me.” She laid back in her chair and crossed her legs.  Right after she leaned back, old dude with the blazer started walking across the room. Wow, was this really happening for her? She always got the cute ones.

“Hi, my name is Ellington.” He extended his hand to me and I looked shocked. Jasmine sat up in her seat and smiled at me.

“Um, hi I’m Abrielle.”

“Abrielle, that’s a pretty name, for a pretty lady. May I sit down?” Wow.

“Sure, Ellington.” I smiled and slid over. He was so fine. Even though it was dark, I could see his eyes taking me in, but not in a creepy way.

“So, how did you find out about this place?” I wanted to make conversation, and that’s the first thing that came to mind.

“Oh, my friend dragged me out here. I hate clubs and stuff, I just came with him.  What about you?”

“I drug her here!” Jasmine was sure to not be ignored. She sat up in her seat and extended her hand to Ellington.

“I’m Jasmine, Ellington, Abrielle’s bestfriend.”

“Nice to meet you Jasmine.” He quickly acknowledged her presence and turned back to me.

“So Abrielle, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m an advertising consultant for Mandabagh Downtown.”  He was so engrossed in everything I had to say, I couldn’t believe that this man could be so interested in me. After about twenty minutes of us talking and laughing Jasmine tapped me on the shoulder.

“Abrielle, I hate to break up your convo and all, but isn’t that Joshua walking through the door?”

I turned to the front to see Joshua, with some girl on his arm. He walked her to the bar, kissed her on the neck and ordered a drink.  I wanted to tear up right then and there, but I was frozen.


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  1. Bravo Dara Nichole! More, more….ok where’s Chapter 2, my superstar, award-winning, author? 😀

  2. That was great! I wanna read more! Post chapter 2!

  3. Hey girl, that was wonderful. I am sitting here ready to read on. Keep it going this is a good story, and I would love to see what happens when Joshua sees Abrielle! Good job

  4. Excellent! Keep it coming. I felt like I was the third girlfriend hanging with them!

  5. OK, why would you leave me haning on the edge like that? I “NEED” the rest of the story. WHY?, WHY?, WHY?

    Love ya,that was amazing. See u at the top (insider). : -)

  6. Okay cuzzo! I see you out here doing your thing! lol. Great read. Felt like I was reading about myself through some of it. lol. Keep it up lady. God has truly blessed you with a pen!

  7. Ok love it!!! I felt like I was there too! Great story…chapter 2 please!!

  8. Yeah I am with Latrice! I was all in!!! Can’t wait for the rest! Keep it coming girly!

  9. I know Im late but THIS IS GREAT!! Go head girl! Your doing it big sis! I will keep reading!

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