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Women of Proverbs 31 campus ministry, me here with two of my girls

When I was in college I was a part of Women’s ministry, and we fasted a lot. When I say a lot, I really mean to a very great degree.  My heart and intention was right, but my flesh always wanted to rebel against what I was doing. Whether it was cutting out fried foods, turning off the tube, or not listening to secular music, sometimes it was just a struggle.

What I really thought about was my end result. Usually by the end of the fast, I had heard from God on a particular subject, I had been productive, and I would even feel better. So why wouldn’t I do this more often?

When I left college I can honestly say that I started to slack, if not completely fall off the fasting wagon.  My flesh loved it, while my spirit needed it. So this year I have decided to increase my fasting in areas that God wants me to change.

I prayed and God gave me some great points on the purpose and pro’s of fasting. I wanted to share them with you.

1.)    It humbles you. (Psalm 35:13, psalm 69:10) Fasting always reminds me that my body is not my own. My total commitment is to walking in the purpose of what God wants me to do.  When I fast, and rebel against what my flesh wants to do, I have the opportunity to humble myself, and really refresh and renew my mind to stay focused on the things of God and not Reality television, or any other thing that distracts me from doing God’s will.

2.)    Only some things can be removed by fasting. (Mark 9:17-29) In this scripture a man brings his child to Jesus and says that he is possessed. He mentions that he brought the boy to his disciples and that they couldn’t cast him out. Jesus immediately casts the demon out, and the disciples ask him “Why could we not drive it out” and Jesus said “This cannot be driven out by anything but prayer and fasting.” That means to me, that there are some things that are in me that will only be removed by prayer and fasting. What about you?

3.)    Prayer and fasting really exercises your spiritual strength so you die to the flesh (1 Timothy 4: 7-9) As a Christian for awhile, sometimes we get complacent and think all we need is to be saved, nothing more nothing less. Though just how we exercise to get energy, lose weight and stay strong, we must incorporate prayer and fasting as well, because we need to stay strong in the word.

4.)    By prayer and fasting you will set the standard because you won’t be seeking people’s way of doing, but God’s way. You will be the light and the model of Godliness in your family and to the people around you. (Daniel 1:8-21) When Daniel came into the kings House he determined in his heart that he would not eat the king’s meat. By doing this, and following God’s way he was ten times better than the men who followed after the king and his way of doing things. We as Christians need to set the standard; we need to follow after God, and his way of doing things. (Matt. 6:33).

With all this said, I am taking it one day at a time, seeking God on what things I need to fast from, and renewing my mind on chasing hard after him. Because after all, my purpose is to serve God right?


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  1. Dara,

    I was just telling someone how discipline when we were in college especially when it came to fasting. We were so on a whole different level than what we were now. I would personally say that we need to go back to that moment and really get back into the face of God. Get the needed guidance and direction that we long for!

    Great Post Girly!

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