My amazing interview with Author Monica Marie Jones

Ms. Monica Marie Jones

So I met with Ms. Monica Marie Jones today! After chasing her down with her busy schedule and all she finally made a little time for me:

DN: So Monica I’m so glad that we were able to catch up, it’s been to long!

MJ: I know, we have so much to catch up on!

DN: So I just finished “SWAG” and I absolutely loved it! Now the main character Noelle, was that you?

MJ: Well, Some of her I see in me, but the majority I have pulled from experiences my friends have been through, and things I have been through. I definitely feel that her finding out the balance between following her passion for music, or staying devoted to her boyfriend was something that I could relate to. I think a lot of women sometimes put their true passion aside for love.

DN: So well said! I felt like I knew Noelle! She was so down to earth, and I loved it when… Well, lets not spoil it for the readers!

Ms. Monica Marie Jones @ Motown Literary meet and greet

MM: Right, I know, but I think they would love it!

DN: Me too! Now, what made you start writing in the first place?

MM: I always felt like I was emotional, and I always loved to journal, and I believe writing helped me to not internalize my feelings but express them eloquently. I really got to a point in my adult life, after I graduated from Uof M with my masters, and started my first novel “The Up’s and Down’s of being round”  knew that this was something I was supossed to do. That was the first time I was able to sit down and start to write about what I wanted my readers felt they should know. Now years later, after writing an excerpt for chicken soup for the girls soul, being featured on websites and publishing four books, I feel like quitting my job and walking into my passion was the best thing I ever did! I have been able to touch girls all over the world, and I have even had girls email me from other countries like Malaysia to tell me they were touched by what I said. It’s so fulfilling.

DN: That’s so motivating, do you feel like your books have a central theme.

MM: I feel like my central theme that is weaved through all of my books is loving yourself from within. I want people who come from a childhood where they had low self esteem, or felt rejected or unaccepted to know that you have to love yourself. Joy is from within and is from God. Not in monetary things, or superficial things.

DN: I totally agree, I feel like women especially need to know their worth. We expect more when we know our worth, you know.


DN: So, in your spare time what do you like to do?

MM: I love to travel! I am a super bargain traveler! I love social networking sites, and I love reality television.  I also am starting to write music more, and am working on my audio books as well.

DN: Your a busy lady!

MM: Gotta keep it movin!

At the Floss book release party

DN: Definitely, so how important is the spiritual aspect of your writing?

MM: I actually feel like it is very important. All of my books have a spiritual aspect. And if you notice I have no cussing or foul language. However, I do have some adult content, which I believe is necessary to explain some situations. I want to convey a picture of how everyone is not born saved. We have been through some things and are actually saved from something!

DN: I feel you, and that is awesome that you are able to balance the line that makes the story believable.

MM: I really enjoy it.

DN: So before we go if you could sum up your mission and purpose, what would it be?
MM:Well, I always say that, I write not only to entertain, but to inspire, educate, and add value to the lives of others. The reader should be left with something added to their lives, encouraging them to move on into the thing that they know God is calling them to do.

DN: That was great Monica! Thanks for taking the time out!

MM: Girl, anytime for you!

You can catch up with monica on her website at or follow her on twitter at you can also add her as a friend on facebook. Her books Swag, The Ups and downs of being roundTaste my Soul, and Floss are all available on her website as well. You can Also try  Happy reading! 


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  1. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

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